Insurance - Vantastic


If you request that Vantastic accept responsibility for insuring your goods under our own insurance policy the following insurance terms below will apply. Please read them carefully.

We will require a written declaration of value to be able to accept responsibility of insuring your goods. We cannot accept responsibility without this. If you do not provide us with this written declaration of value for your property unfortunately due to the limits set out in our trading conditions it is as if you are uninsured.

Our insurance has been arranged and underwritten by Policyfast Ltd and a copy of our full policy wording can be requested from us or inspected at our offices upon request.

Please note that this insurance has been arranged solely in the name of our business. As our customer you will have no enforceable rights under our insurance policy.


Refers to Loss or Damage to Goods in Transit anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Sum Insured

As declared to us in writing. The sum insured shall not exceed £10,000 unless confirmed in writing by us.

Publicity Liability

Despite all best effort, accidents can still happen. Which is why you can rest easy that we have Public Liability Insurance cover for up to £2 million should a mishap occur.

Average Condition

If the customer’s goods insured under this insurance are, at the time of loss or damage, collectively of greater value than the value declared, then the Insured shall bear the equivalent proportion of the claim in the same ratio as the actual value exceeds the declared value.


If the insured shall make any claim knowing the same to be false or fraudulent as regard to the amount or otherwise, this insurance shall become void and all claims hereunder shall be forfeited.

Time Limits for Claim Notification

All claims must be notified to the Remover immediately. We will not be able to take responsibility for delayed claims.


In line with the policy conditions, we do not accept responsibility for the first £250 of every claim for loss or damage covered by this insurance.

Law Applicable to This Contract

The Terms and Conditions of this policy are subject to the Law of England unless specifically agreed to the contrary.


There are various exclusions under the standard policy terms and conditions, amongst which are:

Loss or Damage

  • Which occurs before leaving the premises or after delivery at the unloading point.
  • Consequent upon delay in transit or consequential loss of whatever nature.
  • Whilst the vehicle is left unloaded overnight and unattended other than Loss or Damage to the contents whilst the vehicle is temporarily unattended provided all locks and fastenings thereto and thereon are in complete and actual operation.
  • Caused by moth or vermin, wear and tear, depreciation or deterioration, electrical or mechanical derangement (unless caused by external means) or inadequate packing or insulation, contamination, shortage, evaporation or discolouring howsoever caused.
  • Or legal liability arising from radiation, war, hostilities, terrorism, caused under the order of the Government or Public Authority, pressure waves caused by aircraft, or pollution or contamination

We do not transport Hazardous, noxious or toxic goods of any description.